21st Century Water

From Philadelphia CEO to Founder of UPenn Water Center, Creating The Future of Urban Water Systems with Howard Neukrug

Episode Notes

Today, Aquasight CEO Mahesh Lunani is joined by Howard Neukrug, former CEO of Philadelphia water, currently professor at University of Pennsylvania, and chair of the Leading Utilities of the World  CEO network.  Howard wears many hats, but his principal job is head of the Water Center at UPenn.  We will have an interesting dialogue both from a point of view of practitioner and a teacher.

Howard walks us through his journey from young engineer to CEO of Philadelphia Water, and then to the University of Pennsylvania, both as a professor and as head of the Water Center at UPenn.   You'll hear his passion for urban water systems, including teaching the next generation of water leaders.

Neukrug also chairs a CEO Network, Leading Utilities of the World.  He shares his experiences interacting with industry professionals from around the globe.  

Finally, we discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the water industry, water's challenges going forward, and Howard explains why you need to be an expert, but not necessarily in water.


Water Center at UPenn: https://watercenter.sas.upenn.edu/

Leading Utilities of the World: https://www.leadingutilities.org/

Aquasight Website: https://www.aquasight.io/