21st Century Water

360 Degree View On Water Sector with David LaFrance, CEO of American Water Works Association

Episode Notes

American Water Works Association CEO David LaFrance joins Mahesh Lunani for a 360-degree look at the water sector.   We start with the financial impact COVID-19 has had on the industry.   This leads into a discussion on the public's trust of the water sector. Which groups trust it more than others? We also  look at water rates in the US. Are they under rated? 

The water sector is both highly regulated, and highly fragmented. We look forward to major drivers and trends that will affect both of these areas.   Finally, we discuss water sector supply chains, and the future of the water workforce as it faces a "silver tsunami" of retirees.  What aspects of the sector are appealing to a new generation of water professionals?

More info: 

American Water Works Association Website: https://www.awwa.org/

Aquasight Website: https://www.aquasight.io/